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RYLA Camp 2012 was one of the best year’s yet. View photos, read testimonials and watch some fun videos about RYLA.

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“I did not know what to expect, but my experience turned into one of the most enjoyable weekends of my High School years. I discovered more about myself than I thought was possible and RYLA boosted my confidence and drive to push for my goals… I learned more about myself than I previously thought possible and I met some amazing people through the RYLA experience.”    – Camper Lincoln Nguyen, RYLA 2012

” The experience was unforgettable and left me speechless at every unexpected moment.  It taught me how to trust others, how to face my fears, and, most importantly, how to be myself.  Opening up and staying true to myself was probably the most important thing I learned at RYLA.  It reminded me to be more aware of my surroundings and to continue on to be the person I want to be.  Because of RYLA, I’m not so afraid anymore.”
-Camper Amy Lim, RYLA 2012



RYLA 2012

The Paintballers – A RYLA Family

RYLA Camp Rap